This site is a work in progress.

This website is home to the APRS/SMS development server and some publicly accessible external applications for HBLink3. This is a fork of the HBLink project that supports APRS and DMR SMS functions.

HBLink APRS/SMS project homepage

External applications are web services that utilize the built in API to deliver a service via DMR SMS. Publicly usable external applications can be used by any HBLink3 server via the API, allowing multiple networks/servers to utilize the same application. Of course, you can run or create your own external service using the API, see the API documentation. External applications below can also be found on GitHub.

External Applications on HBL.ink:

Send SMS to 9099 with the contents: ?BBD [Text of message].

Example: ?BBD This is a test

Send SMS to 9099 with the contents: ?WX [City Name].

Example: ?WX SPOKANE



KF7EEL - Eric, kf7eel@qsl.net